i love your art its so nice all the colors and the style just fit together so well and its just. very awesome

oh my goodness what a nice ask. ; v ; thank you so much!!!

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Some pages from a sketchbook I’m starting. These are super fun and relaxing. I haven’t had time to sit down and work on commissions, but I’m going to try that soon!

So far, I’ve just been drawing 3am!Cassis and some random people hehe

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Orientation just started and I’m barely finding time to draw but here’s two pages in a new sketchbook

remakes old ocs and ignores other pressing things

GUYS i’m on campus for training as a student advisor and it’s SO MUCH WORK

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mood lighting practice ft. megs

ALSO im on campus now whoo

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working on a thing

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I feel so powerful when I make new ocs or revisit old ones because like
I can make them be ANYTHING they want to be

queer media representation is low but all of my characters are either not straight or non-binary and I love it

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new oc!!!!!!! his name is lane and he’s a red cardinal with two jobs aka barista and waiter

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character fun fact time!

Cassis was inspired by Eowyn and her bro was inspired by Eomer from The Lord of the Ring, and guess who their dad was inspired by (Theoden, aka my ideal king, his speech gives me chills).

Horses were really important parts to them in the beginning of their creation but now it’s faded out and Cazziel, Cassis’ bro, is a major douche oops.

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miracle mile, where does it lead to?

i tried to cheer myself up but im no good at kissing scenes ahaha hahsdfhasd

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