more of the sketchbook. no time for computer drawing, gah

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hey buddy your commission link doesn't work!

oh wow, i didn’t even realise!!! fixed, sorry!! also, i’m still taking commissions aaay

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omg your drawings are so nice and clean and lovely and i'm gonna cry i love you

oh my goodness thank thank you so much ;v; ♥

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more of the sketchbook

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i love your art its so nice all the colors and the style just fit together so well and its just. very awesome

oh my goodness what a nice ask. ; v ; thank you so much!!!

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Some pages from a sketchbook I’m starting. These are super fun and relaxing. I haven’t had time to sit down and work on commissions, but I’m going to try that soon!

So far, I’ve just been drawing 3am!Cassis and some random people hehe

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Orientation just started and I’m barely finding time to draw but here’s two pages in a new sketchbook

remakes old ocs and ignores other pressing things

GUYS i’m on campus for training as a student advisor and it’s SO MUCH WORK

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mood lighting practice ft. megs

ALSO im on campus now whoo

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working on a thing

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